14th February 2018

Our transcript: Me, Ava, Ruby

Ava: Mmmmm(repeated consonant sound – emphasizing that she is delighted by the prospect of having ‘peta’ bread for lunch), I’ve got ‘peta’ bread for lunch, yay!

Emily: ‘Pita’ (raised voice on ‘Pita’ to reinforce pronunciation) bread!

Ava: Nooo(repeated vowel sound – emphasizing that she is horrified that I Emily would use such pronunciation), ‘peta’ (raised voice on ‘peta’ to reinforce pronunciation) bread.

Emily: It’s not ‘peta’ (raised voice on ‘peta’ bread to reinforce pronunciation) bread.

Ava: Yeeesss (repeated vowel and consonant sound – added emphasis)!

Ruby: Do we say, whad, whad (interpreted pronunciation of her Canadian accent) do New Zealanders say?

Ava: ‘pe’, ‘peta’(Fluctuating tones of voice to exclaim opinion)  (Emily: pita)

Ava: Nooo (repetition of vowel sounds to accentuate the statement)!

Ruby: ‘peta’(raised voice on ‘peta’ to reinforce pronunciation).

Emily: ‘pita’(raised voice on ‘pita’ to reinforce pronunciation.).

Ruby:  Oh, ‘p’, ‘pita’s kinda weird Emily.(Passive voice to portray a friendly persona)

Emily: it’s ‘pi’, no, it’s (Ava: Yeah, its like) yeah it’s like ‘pita’, it’s not ‘peeta’

Ava (Agenda setting): You say, you say ‘baysil’(Emphasis on ‘bay’ to reinforce pronunciation).

Ruby: Yeeeeesssss(accentuation and repetition of ‘eeesss’ to make a strong exclamation)! It sounds (Ava: No it’s basil.)  so much better

Emily: No, but that would be “Bayyyyyyyyyyysil” (Ruby: No, no)

Ava(Agenda setting): Don’t you say, ‘pasta’?

Emily: No! Paaasta (Repetition of vowel sound to exaggerate and reinforce pronunciation).

Ruby: I say paaaasta (Repetition of vowel sound to exaggerate and reinforce pronunciation).

Ava: Ok, good.

Emily: My Dad says ‘grass(Emphasis on ‘ass’ to reinforce pronunciation).

Ava: (evil choke laugh).

Ruby:  (chuckles)

Emily: I’m gonna mow the ‘grass(Emphasis on ‘ass’ to reinforce pronunciation), and,

Ruby: Graaasss  (Repetition of vowel sound to emphasize pronunciation) 

Emily: Let’s do, let’s um, let’s draw a ‘graph’ (Emphasis on ‘aph’ to emphasize pronunciation) .

Ruby: A‘graph’ (Emphasis on ‘aph’ to emphasize pronunciation) .

Ava: No its, (Emily: No it’s graaaaaph)

Ruby: Oh no!

Ava: I say, graph.

Ruby: I say graph too.

Emily: It’s not GRAPH, that’s so naff.

Ruby: Graaaaph is just so.. (Emily: GRAPH), ya know. (Emily: GRAPH) english.

Emily(Back tracking): Peeeeta, peeta no, it’s(Ava: Yes)


To be continued………………………..






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