19th February 2018

Text language transcript

Jaime: Hellllllllloooooooooo

Me: Hhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! Do you want to come to my house after swimming tomorrow ?????

Jaime: Sure that would be great !!! Unfortunately mum wants to spend Christmas as a family so I have to be home by December 24th if that’s okay?

Me: Well, we could try and make that happen but we were planning on going up to the north pole for a holiday with you so you might have to get a ride home in Santas slay if that’s ok???????

Jaime: Santa and I aren’t on speaking terms but my friend Susan lives in the North Pole so I’ll ask her for a ride.

Me: OK, does Susan have a sleigh and also what happened with u and Santa?

Me: (Santa emoji face)

Jaime: Susan has a sleigh made of rotting human brains and the souls of unborn children

Jaime: And Santa did the unspeakable

Jaime: He stole a pair of my s***s

Me: Oh! How tragic! What is the world turning in to these days? Has he been trailed at the North Pole Supreme Court?

Me: ……..for the crime he has committed?

Jaime: He has but they let him off just because he’s Santa (angry emoji face – angry emoji face)

Emily: Not good enough! When we go on holiday to the North Pile I shall call a court hearing and if I need to will personally drag Santa to force to attend.

Jaime: Thank you Emily I knew I coupd count on you (smiley emoji face – smile emoji face)

Emily: As always my fashion hero (sarcastic smiling crying face x 4)

Emily: Remember 9:31.27 for you and 9:31.27 for me tmoz!!


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