12th February 2018


Hoodie: yuh!

Ginger: oh fanks for answerin’ Geezer. I know what I mean.

Brownie: Gimme dat. Where you been fool?  Making us rinse out our credit, leaving you messages an’ dat.

Ginger: Mr. Dores is well on the warpath of you broth yeah.

Hoodie: Coz of the bag an’ that.

Ginger: Wot bag? Coz ya missed the lesson you chief.

Brownie:  Gimme dat! Va bag weren’t a problem. Teggsy never mentioned it. He bott’ld it. Oi, you comin’ over to mine la’er to play compu’er?

Hoodie: Nah man, I’m at home now. I got business I gotta run.

Brownie:  Wot business?

Hoodie: Business that minds its own. I’m out.







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